Tangents av Agatha Rae

Ja, nu var det ett tag sedan jag skrev på min hemsida. Under den tid som gått har jag arbetat mycket tillsammans med Löv & Craig förlag som korrekturläsare och lektör. Jag vill passa på att  hurra lite extra för förlaget då det är nystartat av två mycket driftiga författare, Nicole Löv och Yamile Craig. Kännetecknande för L & C är deras snygga omslag, i alla fall i mina ögon. Nedan recenserar jag Tangents som är  ett samarbete mellan L & C förlag och Firefly and Wisp  och boken är på engelska. Nu finns den enbart på engelska men längre fram kanske den dyker upp i en svensk översättning, qui vivra, verra!


Tangents av Agatha Rae


”The view was amazing; two gigantic moons were hanging above the skyline, one was visibly smaller, it was probably further away. They lit the fields and forests giving the wheat and the sequoias a mysterious silver shade. It seemed there were millions of stars above them, some of them were creating a galaxy-like shape, which looked like a thick rope in the sky.”

(Tangents p. 223)

Tangents by the Polish author Agatha Rae, is a thrilling book about four different people who by some mysterious reason end up in a forest, somewhere. They fell asleep and when awake they realised that nothing was the same. All they thought was real suddenly turns upside-down, making them doubt everything around them and at the same time making them consider their own lives; their mistakes, the what-could-I-have-done-differently aspects of their lives. The core of the novel can be said to be: do not take anything for granted, you never know what you have until it is gone, however hollow this phrase may seem.

Agatha Rae is a truly skilful author, who manages to capture the reader’s interest, forcing him or her to keep on reading until the very last page. The characters come alive, lifting from the pages, entering the reader’s conscience. One feels what the characters are experiencing in the novel, and one cares; feeling sympathetic at one point and frustrated at another; condemning flaws in character and at the same time cheers for their victories.

The novel explores feelings and situations from the everyday life, which we all can relate to, thus making the recognition factor of the novel outstanding. Rick experiences a crisis at a bar when some adolescents are making fun of the fact that an old lady got raped. He gets appalled by the youths’ ignorance and the fact that no one else in the bar reacted to their behaviour:

”What they were really doing, was showing they don’t care, that they don’t give a fuck, that they have no respect for people. It’s the first step. The ignorance.” (p. 105)

By inserting up-to-date issues such as this one, Rae creates a trustworthy novel. From day to day we all hear news of people video filming accidents rather than making themselves helpful and this behaviour makes one contemplate who the worst are; the ones doing misdeeds or the ones passively standing by watching, doing nothing?

Rae’s ability to build up tension and to create shifts in setting is an additional strength of hers. As a reader one gets lulled into the ”safety” of everyday life, just to be cruelly awakened by the forest and all that it entails. One goes from love, disrespect, cruel parents, a disheartened teenage girl, to horror and adventure, making one feel an adrenaline rush as the characters run for their lives. The novel ends in a “what?!-are-there-no-more-pages-left” state of mind, making the reader yearn for more because there are so many questions to be answered; why are Rick, Dan, Anna and Matylda there, why them, what is the common nominator between these people, and why did this happen now and perhaps the most intriguing question of them all; what does the title Tangents really mean? I have a pretty good idea of the meaning and perhaps you will too, once you have read the novel…

”I would strongly recommend this novel to anyone who loves the combination of drama, suspension and adventure. If you liked the TV-series Lost then you will absolutely love Tangents.”

                                                                                       / Sandra Elma, lektör

 Finns att köpa hos bl.a.  Bokus, Adlibris, och Löv & Craig Förlag

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